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The Silver Drawing Test and Draw A Story, Assessing Depression, Aggression, and Cognitive Skills

In The Silver Drawing Test and Draw a Story, Rawley Silver draws on her years of experience using therapeutic art with hearing-impaired children, stroke patients, and others with learning disabilities or emotional disturbances as well as students with no known impairments. The book’s original art assessments use stimulus drawings to elicit responses that provide access to fantasies and attitudes toward self and others, while also testing for the ability to solve problems and convey ideas. It assesses three fundamental structures from which reading, math and all branches of knowledge are said to be generated - concepts of space, sequential order, and class inclusion. It is based on the premise that cognitive skills can be evident in visual as well as verbal conventions, and that these skillls can be identified, assessed, and developed through drawing.
In addition, the assessments have served to identify children and adolescents at risk for violent behavior and/or masked depression. Thoroughly updated from Silver’s earlier works, this new book includes techniques for assessing aggression and depression that may lead to violence in schools and suicide among children and adolescents. It also addresses important gender and age differences, incorporating new information and updated studies by mental health practitioners in Russia,Thailand, Brazil, Australia, and other countries as well as the U.S.A. It also provides art procedures for developing cognitive and creative skills. Silver has provided an invaluable resource for assessing emotional, cognitive, and creative content.